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Excellent Hardwood Floors

in Branson, MO

Real wood is the superior choice for all commercial renovations or home improvement projects. There’s just no substitute for authentic, quality wood. If you invest in hardwood floors for your new space, you’ll enjoy increased durability as well as aesthetic appeal. It is a larger investment upfront, but will save you money in the long run because they are resilient and easy to maintain. Sanding and applying a finish to your wood floor will inject new life and longevity for a completely affordable price. Hardwood floors are the most versatile of all coverings and are perfectly made for your ground floor or upper levels. Wood is not only a natural choice, but a healthy choice for your family, as some studies have shown benefits to having wood in the home. Consult with our team to find the perfect wood floors for your needs and we promise it will be a great investment.

Newly installed hardwood floor patched and refinished - Branson, MO
Young woman choosing materials for home renovation. interior design concept - flooring showroom - Branson, MO

Hardwood Inspiration

Discover Your Style—If you’re considering hardwood flooring for your next restoration project, there are still so many options to consider. Get inspired by perusing our gallery of designs featuring beautiful hardwood floors.

Top view of a man installing planks of hardwood floor - Branson, MO

Hardwood Installation

Be Prepared for the Process—Whether you own a home or business, it’s important to understand what happens before, during, and after a flooring installation job. So, consult with our team of experts at Sho-Me Flooring and learn about the process!

cleaning/maintaining and polishing genuine hardwood floors - Branson, MO

Hardwood Care and Maintenance

How to Clean Hardwood—One of the most important things after getting your new flooring installed is to know how to take care of it going forward. Get simple tips from our experts so you can keep your hardwood floor looking new and clean for as long as possible.